What is WisePass?

Responsible Ripple Gateway with a transparency policy.


Operating with USD, BRL, BTC, CAD, CHF, DKK, DOG, EUR, FTC, GBP, JPY, LTC, NOK, SEK, STR and all these currencies are collateralized with our reserves. We have a reserve requirement of 100%.

How to Use It?

You can trade all our issued currencies at our address using any ripple client or our dedicated. Do free in-bound payments and out-bound payments with low fee. Transfer fees of 0.025% will not increase without at least 60 days notice.

Our Ripple address*: rPDXxSZcuVL3ZWoyU82bcde3zwvmShkRyF rPDXxSZcuVL3ZWoyU82bcde3zwvmShkRyF ~wisepass
Important You will need to trust our address for values you feel comfortable.


Instant Ripple Transactions;
Secure Communications;
No KYC Verification Needed (Inbound BTC LTC DOG);
KYC Verification Required (Outbound);
Audited In/Out Transactions (four-eye principle);
Supporting Ripple Network with 2 Dedicated Servers v0.28.
Feedback Email us or send a Bitmessage with your comments and feature requests.

Email & OpenPGP

Email us for new accounts and support [email protected]. If you prefer safe communications you can encrypt your emails to us with our OpenPGP Key 91F0 9813 8C4A DAAB.


Another great alternative of email support. You can use Bitmessage to communicate securely with us.
Bitmessage Support Address: BM-NBh7u3UUzNxEZCNSDnaRXFoDFwGVd1iQ

Subscribe to our announcements address to get the latest info.
Bitmessage Announcements Address: BM-NBYVEuS8uqGNTDA5dpkBLqVgQbQFoR99


Bleep P2P Key


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